A selection of our finished projects:

Website advertising office and retail space

For Elvestia Vastgoed Beheer, we developed a website on which they display their current offering of office and retail space for rent. Objects can easily be created, modified or removed by the customer himself.


Development of a website offering housing

For a broker, we developed a website which enables him to simply manage his current offerings by adding, editing and removing houses himself. The website needs to be percieved by visitors as reliable and familiar. To strenghten this effect, searches offer familiar views of the concerned area as a background image.

Website advertising office space

This website was built in order to draw extra attention to available office space in Nijmegen. It has to give future tenants a good impression of the mood and setting of the building.

Development of a website offering apartments

For a broker, we developed a website which enables him to simply manage his current offering of appartments, by enabling him to add, edit and remove apartments himself. A meaningful impression of the apartments needs to be conveyed to visitors, so they can find an apartment that fully meets their demands.

Car Leasing reports system

We set up a reports system for a car leasing company. It extracts useful information from an Oracle database, and represents this data in a meaningful way.

Batavieren Positioning System

For the world's largest relay race, the Batavierenrace, we developed a realtime online tracking system together with two partners (SMARTposition and LGB). This system combines GPS, GSM (gprs data transfer) and the Internet into a unique tracking system, following the runners during the 18 hour long race.